Online hunting insurance types and what to know

Online hunting insurance offers you the necessary protection to enjoy your hunting days with peace of mind. There are different types of insurance for hunters depending on your needs, from basic to special coverage.

In addition, you can customize and expand your insurance according to your preferences. These insurances cover the Civil Liability of the hunter or fisherman, legal protection, and personal accidents.

To obtain hunting insurance, it is important to comply with current regulations in Spain and have the corresponding license. Taking out insurance online is simple and fast, you just need to find the right insurer and follow the online application and contracting process. Currently, you can find this insurance at SegurCorazón.

hunting insurance

What is it? what to know?

It is protection that is purchased to cover possible risks and damages that may arise during hunting.

This type of insurance is designed to guarantee the safety of the hunter and third parties involved in the activity. We tell you some key aspects related to hunting insurance and what to know before purchasing insurance for hunters.

What is it?

It is a contract through which an insurance company undertakes to compensate for possible damages and liabilities that may arise during hunting. This insurance can cover both hunters and third parties affected by the activity.

The main purpose of HI is to offer economic protection against possible accidents, property damage, personal injuries, or legal liabilities derived from hunting activity. By having this insurance, the hunter can enjoy hunting with greater peace of mind, knowing that he is covered in case of unforeseen events.

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Importance of having hunting insurance

Having hunting insurance is of vital importance, both for the hunter and for third parties involved. Some reasons why it is essential to have this insurance are:

  • Legal responsibility Hunting involves certain risks and damage may be caused to third parties or other people’s property. In the event of an incident, having it allows you to face civil liability and cover possible legal expenses that may arise.
  • Personal safety Hunting activity carries a certain level of risk for the hunter. With it, you can cover medical expenses and necessary treatments in the event of an accident or injury while hunting.
  • Property protection  By having HI, you can cover material damage that may be caused to elements such as weapons, equipment, or vehicles used in said hunting activity.

Types of hunting insurance

Different types of HI adapt to the needs of each hunter.

Basic hunting insurance

Basic hunting insurance offers standard coverage that meets the legal requirements necessary to carry out hunting activities. These insurances usually include Civil Liability, which covers possible damages caused to third parties during hunting.

Hunting insurance with special coverage

In addition to basic insurance, there is HI that offers additional special coverage. These coverages may include legal protection, which provides legal advice and defense in case you face legal situations related to hunting.

You can also find insurance that covers the hunter’s accidents, providing compensation for injuries or disability as a result of an accident while hunting. These special coverages provide peace of mind and security to hunters in case of unforeseen events.


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Hunting insurance with extensions and personalization of insurance

In addition to basic insurance and special coverage, there is the possibility of expanding and personalizing hunting insurance according to the specific needs of each hunter. Is this your case? You can contact Segurcorazón and add additional coverage, such as loss of the weapon or reimbursement of medical expenses, to adapt the insurance to your particular needs.

It is important to consider these expansion and customization options to ensure complete protection while hunting.

These different types of hunting insurance provide options and flexibility to adapt to the preferences and needs of each hunter, guaranteeing a safe and peaceful hunting practice. S

Coverage and benefits of online HI

Online hunting insurance offers various coverages and benefits that protect the hunter in different situations.

Hunter’s civil liability

It includes civil liability coverage that protects the hunter in case of causing damage to third parties during hunting activity. This coverage is responsible for compensating for damages caused to other people, whether injuries, material damage, or even the loss of human life. It is essential to have this protection, as being covered can avoid major legal and financial problems.

Legal protection against possible accidents

Another important coverage of hunting insurance is legal protection. If you face legal situations arising from hunting activity, this coverage provides legal advice and defense. It can cover the costs of legal assistance, attorney fees, procedural costs, and other procedures related to the hunter’s defense.

Hunter Personal Accident Coverage

Hunting insurance also offers personal accident coverage that protects the hunter in case of an accident or unforeseen event during his practice. This coverage includes necessary medical assistance, including hospitalization expenses, medications, surgical interventions, and rehabilitation, among others. Furthermore, in the event of disability or death, the insurance provides compensation or financial compensation to address adverse situations or needs that may arise.

These hunting insurance coverages provide security and protection to the hunter in their activity, allowing you to enjoy your passion for hunting with peace of mind. 

It is important to carefully review the conditions and scope of each coverage when purchasing the insurance, to ensure that it covers all your needs.

Requirements and legislation to obtain HI

To enjoy hunting legally and safely, it is essential to meet certain requirements and be aware of the current legislation in Spain. Below, we provide you with relevant information on this topic.

Legal regulations in Spain

Hunting is regulated by various laws and regulations in Spain, which vary according to each autonomous community. It is important to inform yourself about the specific regulations in your region to know the requirements and obligations that you must comply with.

Hunting license and mandatory insurance

To hunt legally, it is necessary to obtain a hunting license, which must be renewed periodically. Additionally, it is required to have liability insurance to hunt. This mandatory insurance covers possible damages to third parties during hunting and is essential to obtaining the corresponding license.

Advice and options available

To ensure you meet all legal requirements and obtain the appropriate hunting insurance, it is advisable to seek advice from experts in the field. You can contact us and we will advise you on the requirements you must meet.

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How to take out it online

Online application and hiring process

The process of applying for and contracting it online is simple. You can contact us and together we will complete all the necessary information so that you can enjoy your favorite activity to the fullest.

Considerations before purchasing online hunting insurance

  • Evaluate your coverage needs: Before purchasing hunting insurance online, it is important to evaluate what your specific needs are. Considers aspects such as civil liability, legal protection, and personal accident coverage. Make sure the insurance you choose meets all your needs.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Before accepting and signing any insurance contract, it is vital to carefully read its terms and conditions. Make sure you understand all the clauses and restrictions to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • Compare prices and coverage: Don’t stick with the first option you find. Compare different hunting insurance policies online, paying attention to both the price and the coverage offered. Find the perfect balance between cost and protection to obtain the best insurance for your needs.
  • Professional advice: If you have doubts or questions during the hiring process, now is the time to resolve them. We advise you to take into account the treatment and advice before deciding on any online HI.

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