How to choose health insurance 10 tips

There is nothing more important than health and, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Choosing quality health insurance can be a complicated process if we don’t know how to do it. Therefore, here I will present the most useful tips so that you can choose health insurance considering what is most important.

Health insurance

We start with the first 5 keys to deciding on medical health insurance


The first tip may seem too obvious, but it is worth highlighting that the company we go to must generate trust. Many companies offer insurance but, paradoxically, some convey a certain uncertainty. Check that your insurer is specialized and has proven experience in this sector, do not put your health in the hands of just anyone.

Analyze the different types of family health policy

A good insurance company will put at your disposal various types of family health policies:   medical assistance health insurance, health insurance with reimbursement of expenses, mixed reimbursement, medical plan policy, and daily compensation for hospitalization… Weigh all the possibilities carefully. and requires various alternatives to choose between the most appropriate for your situation.

benefits speed and savings

Normally with health insurance, we look for advantages added to professional quality. Check its agility when it comes to solving procedures (authorizations) and the financial savings it brings you in premiums.

Additional health policy coverage

It is also important to know if you will have other related complementary services at your disposal, such as free dental coverage, extensive preventive medicine, or psychology sessions. Adapt your insurance to the personal needs you have.

And 5 more keys to choosing health insurance

How Sweet Home?

No place indeed feels like home, but every day we travel more. If you need it, consider health insurance that covers your stays abroad and the access system it offers.

Some insurance companies include foreign medical expenses in their healthcare health policy, but such coverage is limited. Depending on the frequency of your trips, we suggest considering the possibility of contracting a health policy to reimburse medical expenses with free worldwide choice. Another alternative is annual travel insurance.

The duration of the policy

Some insurance companies have stipulated in their conditions an age limit for their insured, terminating the policy when they reach 65 years of age.

You must take out a lifetime health policy if you want to benefit from private health care when you need it most.

Grace periods

Most health policies have deficiencies when contracting them. Some coverage may require a period, counting from the date of registration, to be fully effective. There are usually waiting periods for Pregnancy and Childbirth or Hospitalization, do not forget to ask them.

They are generally eliminated in the case of policies that come from competitors.

Current health status

Life habits and the extent of your medical history are influential factors that will determine whether you take out your policy. Therefore, the health affidavit must be completed correctly. It is of greater importance if we are considering a policy change since we could be giving up acquired rights due to a diagnosis already made.

The centers and professionals

Ensure access to recommended doctors and hospitals by checking contracts. Prioritize prestigious healthcare options for optimal well-being and coverage.

Hospital prestige isn’t just elitist; it’s vital. Rankings impact life or death.

Recent insurers terminate contracts with hospitals, focusing on in-house healthcare access, reinforcing their medical teams and owned hospitals.

Ask the salesperson and decide if you want the best private healthcare or just access to differential healthcare.

Transparency and good practices

If at the beginning we highlighted the importance of the solvency of your insurer, finally we will highlight how important it is to be able to get insurance in a crystal clear way.

In conclusion, health problems are unpredictable, we do not know when they will arrive. Therefore, we should not postpone taking out a health policy until “we are older.”

Initially contracting basic health insurance may be the solution to our current needs, but we must always take into account future solutions. Are you thinking about being a mother? Currently, there are health insurance policies for newborn children that will help and guide you in any problem.

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