The 5 best INSURANCES, that you didn’t know about but will save your life

The 5 BEST insurance policies that will save your life. Get to know them!

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The best insurances. What are the coverages and their benefits?

1. Educational Allies + Kids AXA. (The best insurance)
1.1. Educational Coverage Aliados + Kids AXA
2. Withdrawal of Project R – AXA. (The best insurance)
23. Retirement Coverage Project R – AXA
3. PPR Retreat – Skandia. (The best insurance)
3.1. PPR Retirement Benefits – Skandia
4. Life Protection VPL – AXA. (The best insurance)
4.1. Life Protgt VPL insurance coverage – AXA
5. Skandia – Create dreams. (The best insurance)
5.1. Skandia Benefits – Create dreams.
Which of the best insurances is best for me?

What is insurance and what is it for?

Life insurance is a contract that provides services of this type, which covers risks that may affect the integrity or health of the person who contracts it, as well as the protection of their family members.


What are the best insurances?


1. Educational Allies + Kids – AXA.
2. Withdrawal of Project R – AXA.
3. PPR Retreat – Skandia.
4. Life Protection VPL – AXA.
5. Skandia – Create dreams.

The best insurances. What are the coverages and their benefits?

1. Educational Allies + Kids AXA . (The best insurance)

This insurance helps policyholders save to pay for the professional education of their children or grandchildren. In addition, beneficiaries will receive a 30% advance in case the owner is diagnosed with a terminal illness or dies.

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1.1. Educational Coverage Aliados + Kids AXA

  • For children: At the end of the term, full delivery of the savings goal.
  • For parents: In case of death, the beneficiary’s family members or loved ones will receive the insured sum.
  • Additional coverage: Exemption from premium payment due to death or disability, that is, in case of already being able to generate income , or death; The insurance will continue in force without the need to pay more premiums and at the end of the term the savings goal will be delivered.

2. Withdrawal of Project R – AXA . (The best insurance)

This insurance is for retirement that will allow anyone who wishes to hire it to continue fulfilling their goals and dreams after retirement.

23. Retirement Coverage Project R – AXA

  • Medical assistance: 24 hours throughout the year and emergency medical transfer.
  • Funeral assistance: Legal advice to beneficiaries to coordinate and organize procedures required by authorities in the event of death.
  • Travel assistance: In the event of a travel mishap, it offers tracking, search and transportation of checked luggage or lost or stolen personal items, as well as legal assistance and emergency medical referral.
  • Death: The beneficiaries will receive the insured sum in the event that the owner becomes missing.
  • Personal retirement plan : Make contributions to create retirement savings, with tax benefits.
  • Exemption from costs due to disability: If the insured suffers an accident or illness and can no longer generate income, he or she will be exempt from paying insurance premiums.
  • Disability payment: For an accident or illness that prevents the holder from no longer generating income, he or she will receive the contracted amount.
  • Funeral Expenses: beneficiaries will receive the total amount chosen for this coverage as support

3. PPR Retreat – Skandia . (The best insurance)

Skandia ‘s Personalized Retirement Plan (PPR) insurance , as its name indicates, helps holders plan savings with the opportunity to enjoy tax benefits. Likewise, the client decides how much and how to save according to their needs to make the most of their assets for a decent retirement.

3.1. PPR Retirement Benefits – Skandia

  • Saving to enjoy a decent retirement.
  • Life insurance .
  • Contributions are tax deductible .
  • Invest in series exempt from investment funds and thereby generate greater profitability.
  • The amount of the deduction will be up to 10% of the taxpayer’s cumulative income.
  • ​​​​When you turn 65 or in case of disability or unemployment, you will be able to obtain the amounts withdrawn from the Personal Retirement Plan account as part of the pension obtained from public institutions.

4. Life Protection VPL – AXA . (The best insurance)

This is insurance that, in addition to protecting family members in the event of death, protects the beneficiary against serious illnesses, disability or unemployment. It adapts to the needs of the interested party who can choose how long to contract their protection for, it can be a certain period or for life .

4.1. Life Protgt VPL insurance coverage – AXA 

  • Death.
  • Investment.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Funeral assistance.
  • Disability.
  • Accidental death.
  • Serious diseases.
  • Spousal coverage.
  • Unemployment.
  • Cancer.

5. Skandia – Create dreams . (The best insurance)

It is a 4-in-1 savings and investment plan , life insurance, trust and tax benefits. Aimed at people who want to meet a financial goal , and start their capital, through saving viable monthly payments, during a certain period.

Financial goals can be: your children’s university education, graduate or diploma studies, a down payment on a home, starting a business, a decent retirement, or increasing your capital, among others​​​.

5.1. Skandia Benefits – Create dreams.

  • Support through your financial planners, advisors or insurance agents .
  • Ease of making your contributions through the direct debit service.
  • Savings and protection at the same time.
  • Life insurance included: with coverage for death or advance payment for total and permanent disability.
  • Protection through a trust.
  • Tax incentives through a Personal Retirement Plan (PPR), and Special Personal Savings Account.
  • Track your investment through your Skandia Net portal or your “SKANDIA NET MX” app and/or the SAC.

Which of the best insurances is best for me?

The best insurance is that it adapts to your needs, plans, income, family, even illnesses, which is why you should know all your options, our SOC advisors will help you find out which is your best option, just click here.

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